The blog below is from my new friend Leslie Harder, whose book has become my favorite gift to those who are grieving. After the sudden, unexpected death of her older son, Leslie chronicles her first year's journey as a bereaved mother in her first book, Joy in the Mourning: Viewing the Rainbow from the Vale of Tears. She shares how God can redeem even the broken places in our lives and hearts and give us joy even in the midst of great sorrow. Joy in the Mourning is available on Amazon. The author can be contacted at https://m.facebook.com/Psalm34Verse18/.


July 29

Yesterday we began a new series in church on the ten commandments. Of course, the first message was about putting God first in everything in your life. One of the statements our speaker asked us to consider was this:

"If God is not first in my (fill in the blank), then God is not first in my life."

The speaker gave the examples that naturally come to mind: marriage, family, ministry. As he was speaking, one came to my mind that he probably never thought of.

If God is not first in my GRIEF, then God is not first in my life.

Wow. It stung a little bit to think of grief that way, but it is true. Grief is like having a ton of bricks thrown at you, sometimes in loads, sometimes one at a time. You may not have a choice about when it hits you or how hard, but you have a choice about what you do with it once it lands.

You can build a wall.

Or you can build a road.

You can wall yourself off from the comfort and presence of God and concentrate all your energies on that wall of grief, or you can pave a road--however hard it is or however long it takes--and choose to walk that road to the only Person who can truly bring you the comfort and peace you so desperately long for.

A wall.

Or a road.

It's up to you.


Leslie’s second book, a 60-day devotional entitled Selah: 60 Moments with the Master is slated for release on Amazon in October."

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